My family, best friend, and I decided to go to today’s ChiSox game and saw Mr. Buehrle…

Ticket to enter: $38
Food and drinks: $10.50
Sitting right behind the White Sox bullpen and getting to see Buehrle pitch a PERFECT GAME: ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS

Where do I even begin?!?!
27 up, 27 down. Stats are stats; they can only say so much. The news can only say so much. Being at and watching a PERFECT GAME can say everything. Craziness began around the 7th inning when cheers came after every strike. Not many people sat down, and not many left to go elsewhere; I know I couldn’t sit down or stand still for that matter. As the game went on, Buehrle only seemed to be pitching faster. He doesn’t shake off many pitches, if any, from catchers. Castro and Burles teamed up for the first time and accomplished this gem, with some help of course.

Wise had the catch of his career. It was pretty funny how that all happened. Sitting behind the bullpen, I lost view of Wise as he went up to make the catch. But as soon as the cheers erupted from the section next to us, I knew exactly what had happened. And sure enough, the replay was shown on the Jumbotron.

It’s hard to explain the feelings and atmosphere during the last few innings of this game. It was insane; I have never been to anyplace louder or crazier. Talking to others, cheering, and hugging random people in any other place at any other time would freak me out. But after a Mark Buehrle perfect game, I really don’t mind. One guy sitting in front of me after the game said that he was so excited and focused by this game that he didn’t even finish his beer. Now that is true fan dedication, if you ask me.

It was definitely the best game I have ever attended. Granted, I am only nineteen. But come talk to me in about fifty years, and this will still be the best game I have ever seen.

Summer without baseball, there’s no such thing

Finally, it’s summer! Or at least for me it is, since finals took place last week. Going to White Sox games has always been an essential part of my life, and this year won’t be any different.

The outcome of today’s game was disappointing although not completely unexpected. Considering Greinke and his 0.5 ERA coming into this game, what he did today didn’t seem much different than what he has been doing. Only Pods really seemed to be somewhat effective today. Speaking of Pods, it’s great to have him back. Defensively, he isn’t the best outfielder, but his speed is great. If anything, I’m hoping that he can help some of the quicker guys- like Getz, Ramirez, and Lillibridge- to become better at stealing bases. And yes, I did happen to wear my 2005 Pods t-shirt on the day he returned to our lineup.

Around the League / Injuries 04/11/09

First of all, the White Soxies won today. 8-0 in some nice innings pitched by Colon. Quentin hit his second home run in as many days.

A game I watched yesterday was the Rockies at the Phillies. Hamels left in the fourth after giving up 7 runs on 11 hits. The Phillies insist that he is ready to pitch for his next start. But this rough outing has many wondering if the seriousness of the reigning World Series MVP’s elbow is greater than the Phillies organization is letting on. Inflammation is something that could linger throughout the season. It’s not simply an injury that after a month or two is healed, and the player is ready to go. For Hamels, it’s the elbow, but for another significant MLB player, it’s the back. As much as I don’t want to see the Twins do well, Joe Mauer is one of my favorite players in the American League. Back inflammation has kept him out of the season thus far, and yes while he probably will be back within a few weeks, he may experience the same kinds of issues and problems that Hamels is currently having.

The Marlins are the only 4-0 team. Right now, they are trailing the Mets 5-2 in the 7th at Dolphin Stadium, so we’ll see how that turns out. But 4-0? Does this have any significance for the rest of the season? Personally, I don’t think so. Nothing against the Marlins, but I just don’t think that this speaks for the rest of the season. They have come out of spring training the way most teams would want to, making a smooth transition into the regular season.

Watching the American League East teams, it is clearly the strongest division in the AL if not in all of MLB. The Red Sox and the Rays are the forces that they were last year, if not better. Bay keeps looking like a good acquisition for the Red Sox while Longoria looks to continue where he left off after his Rookie-of-the-Year season. The Yankees, haha where do I start? Buying a team of all-stars seems like a guaranteed measure of success, but I am still not convinced. It’s a lot of pressure to put on guys like CC and Teixeira who, until now, have not been under this kind of pressure before. It’s also a matter of meshing. We’ll see how well they can work together. I think Nick Swisher, while he isn’t a starter, is a good addition for the Yankees. His upbeat, outgoing personality will be good for the locker room atmosphere. Considering his college mates paid him $ to keep quiet for an entire bus ride, he will certainly be heard throughout the clubhouse. Hank Steinbrenner bought a team, going back to the old ways. What worries me about him being the new owner is that he lacks the same business sense that his father had. He just seems to be more obnoxious, and I think his teams now and in the future will be less successful than George’s were. But I guess we shall see…

Back in Business

This winter was way too long. Baseball began just a few days ago, filling the off season emptiness in my heart. Even though Jay Cutler is a Bear and my Blackhawks are playoff-bound, football and hockey can’t replace baseball. Much has obviously changed since last season for Ozzie’s team. Infielders Getz and Fields, promising young athletes, as well as Wise join the every day lineup. Also, Swisher is a Yankee, Cabrera is with the A’s, and Jr. is back in Seattle. As much as I loved seeing Jr. in a White Sox uniform, it is good to see him back as a Mariner.

The top three-Buehrle, Floyd, and Danks-looked solid during these first three games. Floyd’s strong outing yesterday included nine strikeouts. Danks’ did not allow a run on three hits. The lack of offense, as much as I hate to say it again, may be the biggest challenge that we face this year. It starts with the leadoff position. Wise does not seem to be the best solution to our centerfield question, and I think it’s the issue of consistency that bothers me. Getz and Fields, given time to develop, should be fine additions to the lineup. Returners like Dye, Quentin, and A.J., need to step up even more this year and provide the offensive spark when necessary in order to be successful.

Baseball season is officially underway, now only if this semester would end sooner, so I could go to and watch more games.    


“You can put it on the board…yes!” Whoa. Deja vu.

That was certainly a nice series against the Royals. Great starting pitching from Vazquez, Buehrle, and Broadway. The small ball definitely came in handy especially yesterday when we did not hit any homers. Homers were not a problem today since Jimmy, Paulie, Alexei, and Juan hit consecutive ones in the sixth. The bullpen pitchers didn’t have much work to do during the first two games, but they were great during the time they were in the games. Chris Getz still looks to be a promising player. In the end, Toby Hall finally did get a shaving cream pie in the face after saying they could never get him. It’s probably a good thing that Ozzie didn’t start Carrasco because he was needed in the bullpen and did a great job today.  

Here’s a video of the homers:

Players for the Future

Rookie Chris Getz had a nice RBI single during his first major-league at bat, which came in the eighth inning yesterday as a pinch-hitter. He was drafted by the White Sox in the fifth round in 2005. That was a nice at bat for him, and luckily, he didn’t get the shaving cream pie in the face after the game. It sounds like he will start tonight and bat ninth.

Also, the White Sox signed its first round draft pick, Gordon Beckham. The former Georgia Bulldogs shortstop was drafted eighth overall this year, and the terms of the contract are still unavailable; it’s just nice to hear that he has signed. “He batted .411 with 28 home runs in his junior season at Georgia,” according to

Okay, game’s starting.   

Pitching Problems

Pitching was the one thing that was actually going well for the Sox at the beginning of this year. Considering the pitching during last year, I was very excited. To see the starters and the bullpen struggle like this after the All-Star break, this makes games more difficult to watch. Contreras was having problems for a while, so him going on the DL didn’t seem to be so bad. The problem was his replacement. Clayton Richard was pretty bad to say the least during his three starts. He went 0-2 with a 10.38 ERA. Buehrle’s last start against the Royals was embarrassing. And the bullpen… Boone has been having his share of problems as well as Carrasco (don’t even get me started on the whole Olivo thing).

okay gotta go, game vs. Tigers is starting. wish i had tickets today   

Jr. Joins the Sox

I know this is old news already, but I am happy that this trade happened to bring Jr. to the Sox. I have always been a Jr. fan. The one problem was giving up Masset. He wasn’t that great, but with the bullpen doing so poorly right now, I don’t think it was the best idea to give him up. But what’s done is done, and I am really looking forward to going to the games and seeing Jr. play for the Sox. 

White Sox vs. Royals

The Royals hit our players five times during this previous series. The ones that hit Jermaine Dye seemed intentional and too big of a coincidence. Obviously, Ozzie thought just that as well. If only we could have won those last 2 games. Floyd did okay on Saturday, but Danks had an off day on Sunday.

I loved the throwback jerseys today. It went along with the whole 80s weekend as well as the unveiling of the Harold Baines statue. I liked how yesterday, on the Jumbotron, they did that “Guess the Hair Metal Band.” All of us in the stands were so amused by that. I don’t know if people watching at home were able to see that or not.

Also, congrats to Jimmy for his 2000th career hit!

The last All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium

Best Part of the All-Star Game: Young, of course, putting us out of our misery and bringing Morneau home.
Worst Part of the All-Star Game: Okay, as you can probably guess, I don’t like the Cubs. That doesn’t mean that Fox had to torture me by showing Soriano picking his nose in the dugout.

The whole idea of tearing down Yankee Stadium is depressing. I know some that say that it is the players, not the place that is the true history, but this is where so much happened. I can’t even begin to think of all the memories. True, I am only eighteen, but there is so much history that many of us were not around to experience. The tribute to all of the Hall of Famers and the Stadium was amazing. This year’s Derby and the Game were also unforgettable.

Oh, and as for the whole argument whether Rivera or Papelbon will close…it’s probably a good thing that neither did, considering Red Sox and Yankee fans already are at each other’s throats.